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Promotional gifts, business gifts
with personality

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Επαγγελματικά και επιχειρηματικά δώρα με προσωπικότητα

Promotional gifts, business gifts with personality!

WE MAG consists of a group of inspired people who love the idea of the “gift” and everything related to it. Many years of experience in the field of promotional gifts, guarantees complete ideas and proposals with a sense of responsibility, innovation and ingenuity.

The gift is not a simple matter for WE MAG.

It is an exercise with many parameters that characterizes the one who donates it and thanks the one who receives it. It must communicate the image, the brand and the identity of each company, while being unique.

Promotional gifts, business gifts, conference materials, gifts for museum shops, high quality prints are just some of the gift items you can find at

WE MAG, made especially for every communication need.



Why choose WE MAG

WE MAG - Γιατί είναι ωραίο να είσαι διαφορετικός

Because it's nice to be different

Ingenuity, imagination, diversity are the words that characterize our team. The goal is to build a relationship of trust with our partners. That is why at WE MAG we are constantly looking for fresh ideas, always according to your preferences. By selecting specialized suppliers and utilizing the long experience of our executives, we strive daily for the best possible result, always guided by the maximum coverage of the needs of our partners.

WE MAG - Ποιότητα και συνέπεια

Quality and consistency

We take care of the quality of the items that will reach the final recipient. The high production standards as well as our love for promotional gifts, professional gifts, combined with the consistency in the time required, always ensure a perfect result. We invest in long-term partnerships and relationships with our partners are based on honesty, respect, trust and professionalism.

WE MAG's philosophy can be summed up in one phrase:
"Gift giving is a true art"

Browse our online catalogs and we will be happy to help you
we suggest something specially made for you!

Promotional gifts, business gifts
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«Gift giving is a true art«, V. Nazarian, The Perfect Calendar of Inspiration
WE MAG… δώρα με προσωπικότητα για ανθρώπους με χαρακτήρα… 

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