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Wine set in wooden box – 2690


Wine set with space for one wine bottle, stopper, corkscrew with knife, bottle collar and pourer, presented in wooden box.
* Not included the wine bottle.

Available upon order.



Indicative delivery time
without customization
1 week
Indicative delivery time
with customization
2 weeks
Minimum order quantity
with customization
25 pieces



Material  Aluminum & wood
Length (wooden box)  36,5 cm
Width (wooden box)  11 cm
Height (wooden box)  12 cm
Color  Dark wood
Packing  White paper box

Contact us for product availability.

Customization techniques:

Pad printing (max 2 colors)

See details of logo techniques

Logo Position:

Position: On lid or on front side of the wooden box
Print size: max 3×8 cm



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